• Combination lock with 10,000 freely programmable user codes

  • Service cylinder for master key with up to 200 different key numbers

  • Innovative ANTY-SPY locking system whereby the spying on confidential user codes is no longer possible  (Learn More)

  • Innovative QUICK RESET function for restoring the factory settings within seconds, without time consuming code finding (Learn More)

  • Automatic code scrambling for even greater safety and comfort (Learn More)

  • Lock movement R / L settable

  • Locking mechanism made of solid die-cast zinc

  • Housing and code wheels made of glass fiber reinforced and easy to clean type of plastic

  • Retrofittable  for most doors with standard fixing holes 16x19mm

  • Lock fixing by nut (SW22)

  • Cam fixing by screw (TX25)

  • Comprehensive range of cams available with 2 u. 3 mm thickness

  • Ideally suited for single and multi-point locking

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