Furniture Manufacturer

As a furniture manufacturer you are always interested to provide users and administrators of your cabinets the best product available on the market.

Meet the expectations of your end users who assume that their personal things are safeguarded in your cupboards and that their personal code is private and secure. Keep the administrator of the cabinets from unnecessary work and unpleasant suspicions.

Conventional Number locking systems with code identification functions cannot guarantee that!

With the 1401 and the new QUICK-RESET function you set up a number locking system that does not need any code identification function and is still faster to manage than anything else available on the market. Benefit from our know-how. You will see that it pays off.

Would you like to be convinced by carrying out extensive tests and comparisons with other systems?

Completely in our favor!

Just ask for a sample kit of the 1401, which is a standard offer with three different cams including a service key. In this way you can make installation trials in peace and be convinced of functionality and quality. We would also be happy to assist you, on the spot, in an advisory capacity.

An exact specification of the sample kit and any other technical information for the 1401 can be found in our download area.

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