The 1401 locking system is an innovative and high quality Made-in-Germany-product, which has been specially developed for industrial indoor locker applications.

The locking system, used as a cam lock, has a freely programmable combination lock and a service cylinder operated by a master key.

The simple operation, robust construction and functional design of the 1401 have made it the best choice for use in schools, sports centers and workplaces.

A large grip area ensures that the lock is easy to turn, even with higher torques, as can particularly be the case with multiple-point locks. The surrounding undercut helps open even jammed and stiff doors, making an additional door handle unnecessary.

Installation is extremely simple on a 16x19mm standard pierced door, making the 1401 also ideally suited to retrofitting.

The locking mechanism and all load bearing locking elements are made of solid die-cast zinc.

For a pleasant feel, the controls, housing and code wheels are made from a special reinforced and easy to clean type of plastic.

The 1401 is a pure mechanical, entirely maintenance-free locking system that, with its unique multi-functionality, can compete with most of the more expensive electronic systems, without incurring the cost of constantly replacing batteries.

With new ANTI-SPY technology and the ingenious QUICK RESET function, the 1401 marks a new generation of locks which redefine standards in terms of security and maintenance costs.

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