if it needs to happen really fast

The new QUICK-RESET function from W&F-LOCKS takes the only correct approach and sets the combination lock directly into factory setting as needed. The valid code is in this case simply ignored, forcibly deleted. A complicated and time-consuming search for a code is simply superfluous. Once out of the factory setting everything is possible again: The lock is ready for the next user or it can be re-programmed directly with a new code when a user has forgotten it.

The administrator still has the possibility of a pure emergency opening, for example for control purposes, after which the user code is maintained and the cabinet is re-sealed. The user code is however not displayed and not made available, it will remain absolutely secret.

QUICK-RESET, therefore, makes finding a code, not only unnecessary, but also impossible. For the first time, users can rely on the fact that their personal code really is kept secret and no one can access this anymore.

Even more:

QUICK-RESET is by far the fastest reset technology that is available on the market. This makes locker management significantly easier and more efficient.

And because user codes can no longer be read with QUICK-RESET, the administration now remains above suspicion of having accessed personal user codes without permission.

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